Sense of place

Topics for M 11/25

Here are topics for our discussion of Carol on Monday. Feel free to start the conversation here or to suggest additional topics.

  • Framing & decor: the use of windows and mirrors in framing shots.
  • Lighting.
  • How the filmmakers use mise-en-scène to create a film that not only looks and feels like the period, but also looks and feels like a film from the period.
  • Action and performance: how Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara use facial expression and body language to show emotion and change. We can also talk about how costume and make-up support these performances.


Topics for M 11/18

Here are topics for our discussion of Blindspotting 0n Monday. Feel free to start the conversation in comments and to suggest additional topics.

  • Setting, particularly through contrasts.
  • Use of props, costume and make-up for character development and also setting.
  • Masculinity through action and performance.
  • Color and lighting, especially in Collin's dreams/memories).

ELECTION and m-e-s

What words would you use to describe the world you see 'in the frame' in Election? Do you think that the filmmakers were successful in showing, "a high school as it really looks, not as Hollywood envisions it" (Biga, 34)? If yes, what visual elements would you cite as contributing to that image? If not, what visual elements did not work for you? What kind of mise-en-scène is implied by the phrase, "as Hollywood envisions it"? Can you apply this analysis to other settings in the film? What other aspects of m-e-s stood out to you or that might indicate a particular visual style or approach?